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It often happens that the same formula has to be entered in a large number of cells. For example, when displaying a row total of a large number of rows. This is usually done by entering the formula in the total cell of the top row and then copying this formula to all other rows. But this can also be done fasterr. The first method is to select all cells first and then enter the formula in the top cell. This can be seen in the picture below.

enter many formulas quickly 1

Then close the input of the formula with Ctrl+Enter and the formulas will be entered in the entire selected range. Another even faster method is to enter the formula in the cell of the top row first.

enter many formulas quickly 2

Then by double clicking on the fill handle (that is the + sign at the bottom right of the selected cell) the entire contiguous range can be filled with formulas at once.. Excel itself determines the number of cells to be filled. In this case, the formula is placed in cells C1 through C10.

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