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Word has a large number of shortcut keys that make working with Word easier. Below is an overview of a number of useful shortcuts:


New file: CTRL+N

Open file: CTRL+O

Save: CTRL+S

Print: CTRL+P

Print preview: CTRL+F2

Select and navigate

Select all: CTRL+A

Begin document: CTRL+HOME

End document: CTRL+END

Begin sentence: HOME

End sentence: END


Copy: CTRL+C


Paste: CTRL+V

Undo: CTRL+Z

Repeat: CTRL+Y

Search: CTRL+F


Bold: CTRL+B

Italics: CTRL+I

Underline: CTRL+U

Copy formatting: CTRL+SHIFT+C

Paste formatting: CTRL+SHIFT+V

Capital letters: CTRL+SHIFT+A

Subscript: CTRL+=

Superscript: CTRL+SHIFT++

Questions / suggestions

It is not the intention to provide a complete overview of all keyboard shortcuts in Word here, but if there are any further questions on this topic or suggestions for improvement, please comment below.