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In Word it can happen that sentences are automatically broken in unwanted places. For example, the dollar sign is at the end of the line and the amount is on the next line. Or the initials of a name are at the end of a line, while the rest of the name is on the next line. Often this is solved by using a hard return or by adding multiple spaces. However, this can have undesirable effects. Especially if words are added or removed later in the text.

A better solution is to use a non-breaking space in such cases. This can be done by choosing Insert → Symbol → More symbols ... → Special Characters. Then the overview screen below appears with special characters:

word keep words together 1

The non-breaking space can also be entered with a shortcut. You can do this by entering the space with the CTRL+SHIFT key pressed. Because of this non-breaking space, Word will never break sentences at the location of this space. So the words immediately before and immediately after this space always stay together on one line.

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